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  • Mathematical Statistic (II) 
  •  Regression Analysis
  • 數 學小天地  ~~ 討論 各類 數學相關問題 的好地方 ~~

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  • Probability and Statistics  Statistics  Probability2017
  • Calculus (2002)  Calculus (1) 2003  Calculus (2) 2003Calculus AI2014  Calculus for Biology and Medicine  Calculus 2007(1)  Calculus 2007 (2) Calculus AJ2016  CalculusBM2017  CalculusBM2018 CalculusBM2019  CalculusBM2020 CalculusBM CalculusBM2022   CalculusBM2023
  • Regression Analysis 2004  Regression Analysis 2005  Regression Analysis 2006    Regression Analysis2011    Regression Analysis2015   Regression Analysis2016 Regression Analysis 2020 Regression Analysis  Regression Analysis
  • Designs 2002  Designs 2005  Experimental Designs2008  Experimental Designs Experimental Designs2016  Experimental Design2017 Experimental Design2018  Experimental Design   Experimental Design2020  Experimental Design2021 Experimental Design2022   Experimental Design2022fall    Experimental Design2023
  • Decision Theory    APLM    APLM2013
  • GLM/Categorical Data Analysis     GLM/Categorical Data Analysis(2010)   GLM/Categorical Data Analysis    GLM/Categorical Data Analysis
  •  Mathematical Statistic (II) Mathematical Statistic (I)  Mathematical Statistic (II)  Mathematical Statistic (I)
  • (Murray loved to learn, too.)

    知 音9/17/2023公演


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