Chen-Wei Liu (糂马蝴)

Educational Background
Fu Jen Catholic University B. S. 10/1982 ~ 06/1986
Texas A&M University Ph. D. 09/1990 ~ 12/1994
Work Experience
Texas A&M University Postdoc. 01/1995 ~ 12/1995
Academia Sinica Postdoc. 02/1996 ~ 01/1997
Chung Yuan Christian University Associate Prof. 02/1997 ~ 07/2002
Chung Yuan Christian University Professor 08/2002 ~ 01/2005
National Dong Hwa University Professor 02/2005 ~ present
Professional Affiliations
American Chemical Society
Phi Lambda Upsilon
New York Academic of Science
Chinese Chemical Society    
Distinguished Young Investigator Award of the Chinese Chemical Society, 2002.
Panel, National Science Council, 2003 ~2006.
Outstanding Research Award, Chung Yuan Christian University, 2004.
France-Taiwan Scientific Prize, 2016
Outstanding Research Award, Ministry of Science and Technology, 2016
15th Y. Z. Hsu Science Award
Research Interests
Chalcogenolato-protected Group 11 Nanoclusters and their alloys.
Anionic recognition: Characterization of hypercoordinated closed-shell ions in an unsual coordination geometry.
Development of luminescent, nano-scale materials: Metal selenide and metal phosphate nanomaterials; Nano-porus coordination polymers; Hydrogen storage materials; Copper hydrides as catalyst in theelectrocatalytic CO2 reduction as well as hydrogen evolution reaction (HER).