C. 副詞與連接詞

Unlike 動詞, 副詞與連接詞have fixed valence: an 副詞 is 單邊(applying to a single引數to its ), and a 連接詞 is雙邊.

連接詞與副詞 apply to 名詞 or 動詞引數; a 連接詞 may produce as 許多as four distinct classes of results.

例如, u&v produces a composition of 動詞 u and v;and ^&2 produces square by bonding power 函數 with 右 引數 2;and 2&^ produces 函數 2-to--power. 連接詞 & may refore be referred to by different names for different cases, or it may be referred to by single term and (or with), which roughly covers all cases.