Unicode u:  _ _ _ Unicode

Unicode or 2-byte characters are a new datatype. Unicode 陣列are created by 動詞 u: . Existing 動詞 are extended to work on unicodes.

單邊 u: 應用於several kinds of引數:

引數   Result
1-byte characters    same as 2&u:
2-byte characters copy of引數
整數s same as 4&u:

inverse of 單邊 u: is 3&u:
  雙邊 u: takes a scalar 整數左引數 and 應用於several kinds of引數:

1 2-byte characters 1-byte characters; high order bytes are discarded
2 1-byte characters 2-byte characters; high order bytes are 0
3 2-byte characters 整數s
4 整數s 2-byte characters; 整數s must be from 0 to 65535
5 2-byte characters 1-byte characters; high order bytes must be 0 (and are discarded)
6 1-byte characters 2-byte characters; pairs of 1-byte characters are converted to 2-byte characters

1&u: and 2&u: is an inverse pair, as are 3&u: and 4&u: .

2-byte characters can not be entered keyboard. display of an陣列 x of 2-byte characters is that of 1 u: x ,亦即,discarding high-order byte of each 2-byte character.

   ] t=: u: 'We people' 
We people
   3!:0 t
131072                         unicode datatype numeric code is 131072                 

   u: 97 98 99 +/ 0 256 512 1024
aaaa                           2-byte characters have same
bbbb                           display as 1-byte characters

   'a' = u: 97 + 0 256 512 1024
1 0 0 0

   ] t=: (2 4$'abcdefgh') , u: 'wxyz'
abcd                           1-與2-byte characters can be catenated toger.
efgh                           1-byte characters are promoted.
   3!:0 t