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National Dong Hwa University was established with the dual mission of raising academic standards and fostering industrial development in Eastern Taiwan. At present the Department of Business Adiministration has a fully developed curriculum and a full complement of faculty, and thus is planning to make a significant contribution to the University's overall mission by strengthening linkages between academia and industry in Eastern Taiwan. Our mid- and long-range development will focus on the following:
i. Internationalization.
Given the impact of internationalization and liberalization, both business practitioners and educators must have a globalized vision. In the future our Department will increase international involvement in such areas as the hiring of visiting professors from abroad, hosting of international meetings and symposia, setting up student exchanges with well-known foreign universities, increasing the use of English as a medium of instruction, etc.
ii. Information Utilization
Information technology is a major force that drives progress in modern society, as well as being a key source of competitive strength for individuals and organizations. In order to enhance mastery of this resource by students and teachers, we will continue upgrading hardware and software, establish a database for pedagogical information and research results, establish on-line teaching and inter-institution distance learning, etc.
iii. Innovation
Keeping in mind the rapidity with which industrial technology and management knowledge are evolving, the course content, teaching methods and curriculum we utilize must undergo constant revision to keep up with the needs of the times. Because of this we plan to make our research efforts increasingly interdisciplinary, enhance the multidisciplinary quality of our course offerings, and hold such activities as periodic research presentation conferences, topical research seminars or symposia for graduate students, and competitions for excellence in entrepreneurial planning.
iv. "Localization" (Local outreach)
Finding useful ways of combining internationalized knowledge and "localized" knowledge - intimate knowledge of the local environment - is a goal that our Department has pursued consistently. In the future we will apply abstract theory to local reality by increasing research and teaching of local business cases,. Additionally, we will carry out diagnosis and consulting, arrange internships during summer and winter vacation to help students build a store of practical knowledge, and help local businesses solve operational problems.
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