Wir musen wissen. Wir werden wissen.  (We must know. We will know.)

David Hilbert    Speech in Koigsberg in 1930, now on his tomb in Gotingen

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Suggestions for New Stat Grads, Am I the right advisor for you? Modest Advice for Grad Students (by Stern, S.),  
How to do Research At the MIT AI Lab, Oral Presentation Advice, Poster Presentation of Research Work,
How to be a star engineer? (Chinese)

Recent Technical Reports

0503 Post-data Estimation of Binomial Testing Power (with Tsai, C.-C.)
0503 A Stochastic Approximation View of Boosting (with Chang, Y.-C.)
0408 Generalized AdaBoost (with Wu, S.-S.)
0405 Boosting under Bivariate Normality (with Wu, S.-S.)
0309 Estimating Power in Testing. (with Tseng, Y.-L.)

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