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About R

R is a popular "alternative" statistical software.  We like R because it is free; more importantly it is powerful and flexible.  Thanks to the creators and contributors of R!

Software, Manual, Packages

You can get all of them from the official R project site. NTU hosts a mirror site for users in Taiwan. Also there is a local mirror at AM, NDHU
R 2.1.0 for Win

Notes ( with R sample programs)

  1. Data Import and Summary (Numerical/Graphical)
  2. Random number generating and data summary: Experiment with R
  3. Sensitivity of LSE to outliers and influential points 
  4. Simple linear model is not enough.
  5. Recreating the Table and Fig of NKNW (also, loading the textbook dataset)
  6. Regress Y on X vs. Reg X on Y   Data: hawn.txt
  7. Interpretation and Misinterpretation of R-square  
  8. Tranformations on Y and  transformations on X  
  9. Figure 6.5 of NKNW, Annotated Output (Multiple Regression Output, ANOVA, Confidence Interval, etc)
  10. Calculating inverse of X'X  when X is a design matrix arising from a ANOVA model
  11. Body Fat Percentage Analysis
  12. Birthday Problem: Prob and Simulation
  13. Partial Regression plots
  14. Practice and Assessment: 01


Manuals, Contributed Docs

Created: 031210 by Andy Tsao @ YesKno*Mhouse. Comments and suggestions: chtsao@mail.ndhu.edu.tw