Taichung Work Bikes

This bike was on display, only. The last time I saw one of these in operation in Taiwan was in 1976!

This sign is advertising a noodle restaurant. The picture, however, could have been taken any time since the 1960s.


Most of the work bikes collect and haul things for recycling.

Many recyclers tie or bungie dollies to the back of the bikes (and motorbikes) as makeshift trailers

You can't see this trike for the bags

Talk about reinforced wheels!

Scrap metal

This bike train is trailering a grocery shopping basket.

A final sorting before...

weighing in.

Other Jobs

Hauling furniture

Writing parking tickets

Cruising neighborhoods to sell baotze (steamed dumplings)
Note the CD reflectors.

This customer was driving home from work.

One of the younger people on a work bike. Somedays, his mother drives the trike. They make the baotze at home. On the bike, they steam-cook them with natural gas.

Bikes as Transportation

Except for those biking for sport or fashion, helmets are extremely rare.

Both women were pedaling.

If you're Taiwanese, you don't want a suntan!

Traffic & Safety

Bike lights are not required in Taiwan.

There is a bike on the far right. Both cars are making an illegal left turn by using box for left-turning motorbikes and bicycles.

Sometime's it's not just the traffic that is all mixed up...

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