CL's Bike

Pushing the limits on this bike's carrying capacity. Could use something that can haul more...

This may be the answer! No problem with pallets scavanged from the roadside.

Bringing home the pond (base of abandoned airconditioning unit) for Taiwan Peacock Fish.

1 computer and 40 kilos of potting soil for the garden

SC & Crystal take a test drive

Bringing home the first bathtub for the garden.

The Bourgainvillea stopped traffic!

Taking the Dream Bike to the bike shop for assembly: frame, fork, wheels, handlebars, Stokemonkey, battery, etc..

The Dream Bike! (eventually I had to assemble it myself).

The ultimate in waterproofing (it's an upside down fiberglass bathtub, now used for rainwater storage).

How many people can YOU put on a bicycle?

At least four: Cara Lin, Joshua, Timothy, and Gloria.

Bringing home 50 kilos of kitty litter

Rescuing a desk (some assembly required).

Marble-inlaid chair installed for deluxe passenger seating.

A new table for the garden.

Four heavy bags of garden soil.

Garden plants & Pinwheels.

Kitty Litter & Kitty Chow.

Orchids against rice paddy background.

The heaviest load--synthetic marble (some bricks are hiding in the bags)

The heaviest load--view from the side

Loaded with wet leaves for the compost pile.

This side view makes the load look like it felt!

Another load of leaves for the compost pile--and student papers and garden plants.

It was a Wide Load!

Plants for the garden & kerosene for cleaning the bike.

Bringing home another bathtub. In the background are bathtubs turned into extra-large flowerpots.

My old rain cape makes a great rain cover for all my gear.

After being rear-ended March 2009 by a college kid in an SUV, I've invested in lights--lots of lights!
Biked home through a washing machine. In places, water was ankle deep, while pedaling. Passing cars created tidal waves.

Heavy load of wood & metal shelving kits.

Bike upgraded with watch dog: Snowy. He's helping bring home care packages.

After unloading the packages, Snowy and I went back for this 6-foot long pallet. Someday, it will be a garden gate so Snowy can run free in the garden.